Dear World & Everyone In It — Feb 7, 7pm, Blackwells.

Join us at Blackwell’s Bookshop this week (7 Feb, 7:00pm) to celebrate the publication of Bloodaxe’s ground-breaking new anthology, Dear World & Everyone In It. Nathan Hamilton, its editor, will be speaking about the process of producing the anthology, before introducing two of the poets included, Kate Kilalea and Sarah Howe, who will read their contributions to the anthology as well as more recent work. £2 for OUPS members, £3 for non-members.

Dear World & Everyone In It is a new poetry anthology presenting the work of over 60 of the most talented and interesting young poets currently writing in the UK. Chosen by Nathan Hamilton, it is the first British anthology to attempt to define a generation through a properly representative cross-section of work and a fully collaborative editorial process. Avoiding older, oppositional attitudes, Hamilton’s selections juxtapose modernist approaches with those exploring more traditional modes, hoping to bring some of the pleasures of the former to a wider audience.


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